Jan 05

Family Fishing Comp Jan 2017

Houhora turned the weather on for us and the kids showed the adults how to fish! The prize giving was a hoot with plenty of smiling faces telling us we will want to do this one again next year. Congratulations to all the winners and for those who left empty handed you are all champions for getting out of the living room and into living life. If you see your picture here simply download it for your own albums or share the page with your family and friends on your Facebook or google pages. As always a great big thank you to our sponsors who make these wonderful contributions to our prize pool.

Our competition winners were…

There were 27 Seniors & 37 Juniors


Trevally: 1st Issac Kake 4.40 kg, 2nd Mike Grylls 3.32 kg, 3rd Shannon Savage 2.14 kg

Kahawai: 1st Issac Kake 2.94, 2nd Ian Davis 1.38 kg, 3rd Ian Skinner 1.38 kg (places based on weigh in times)

Snapper: 1st Todd Cole 5.68 kg, 2nd Shannon Savage 5.50 kg, 3rd Mike Grylls 4.64 kg Average weight prize 2.04 kg Shannon Savage.


Trevally 1st Sam Blucher 2.56 kg, 2nd Ihaia Wharehau 2.14 kg, 3rd Lucky draw.

Kahawai 1st Sam Blucher 1.46 kg, 2nd Sade Henderson 1.24 kg, 3rd Adam Blucher 1.20 kg.

Snapper: 1st Ihaia Wharehau 4.2 kg, Eli McLean 2.94 kg, Flynn McLean 1.3 kg.



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