Jan 31

Houhora One Base 7th – 10th of March 2018

Its that time of year again!
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New Rules:

1/   East Coast only fishing.

Must leave and return to Houhora Harbour except for the stay away night – Thursday night.

For the trailer boats you must launch and retrieve from one of the three ramps inside Houhora Harbour.

2/    All fish must be weighed off the back of the boat from which  it was caught.

3/    All launches must leave from Houhora Harbour on the morning of Wednesday 7th –  no fishing in. The Boundaries will be from flat Island in the south to Cape Reinga in the North.  There will be a copy of the grid available soon.  There are no ‘Three Kings’ during the tournament.

4/    Fishing times will be from 6am till 4.30pm.  All fish must be presented, tag sheets or fish to be weighed at the weigh station before 6pm other wise it will go into the following days results. So please plan your returns if you want to make it back before 6pm.

5/    Prize giving will start at 8pm with the usual array of daily prizes etc. We will keep you posted with more prizes as they become confirmed.  The two main prizes will be $10,000 for the heaviest striped marlin and $10,000 for the heaviest other billfish including broadbill.  There will be more giveaways each evening.  Food and beverages will be available in the clubrooms.  There will be a Calcutta on the Tuesday evening at the briefing.  A full list of rules will also be available soon.

6/     The cost to fish the tournament is still $150.00 per angler.  You must be a member of an affiliated NZSFC Club.  There will be other small changes for services rendered ie: Water Taxis and Land buses.

7/    If you are needing accommodation please get in early and organize this. ‘Top of NZ’ is where you could find some accommodation.

8/     There will be an early bird draw of $500 for those boats that have entry fees paid by the  14th of February.  This means your paper work completed and at least two anglers fully paid.

View the full set of rules here

Please contact us if you need any information.  Anything we may be able to help you with.

Brian Bellingham      4081340

Justin Kernan           4087949

Neil Thompson         4068598

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