Jan 31

Congratulations to our St Patrick’s Ladies Fishing Contest winners

We were lucky with the turn out of the Ladies Day competition considering we had to postpone it on the original date of 17th March – St Patricks Day – due to bad weather conditions, and then there was the situation the following week where part of state highway one fell away the day before the competition – so getting to the club proved quite challenging for competition goers. But we went ahead and had a very successful competition considering.

Here are the prize results from competition:

Snapper – 1st: Cindy Hassan 8.26 kg, 2nd: Jaime Slaughter 4.98 kg

Trevally – 1st: Lisa Slaughter 4.52 kg, 2nd: Carmen Slaughter 3.08 kg

Kingfish – 1st: Natasha Goodhue 13.66, 2nd: Yvette Lloyd 12.18 kg

Kahawai – 1st Yvette Lloyd 2.34 kg, 2nd: Natasha Goodhue 2.12 kg

Average Weight – Amy Culley 2.67 kg

Heaviest Other Gamefish – 1st: Leanne McAlees albacore tuna 7.7 kg,  2nd: Jaime Slaughter skipjack tuna 2.4 kg

Unfortunately no marlin were caught so lucky draw winners were Tommy Bellingham and Lisa Slaughter, and tag and release marlin lucky anglers were Alma Thompson and Cindy Hassan.

We look forward to seeing all our ladies again next year! – Check out the photos from the event on our Facebook Page

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