Nov 26

The Barrier Arm is operational from October 2018

The Houhora Big Game and Sport Fishing Club wish to advise all club members and boaties the club barrier arm will be in operation this summer season. There will be a total charge of $10.00 to launch and retrieve a boat ($5.00 each time you pass through the arm). There is no charge to exit the ramp and wharf area once you have launched, the arm will open automatically when leaving these areas.

Payment option is by gold coins ($1 dollar or $2.00 dollar coins only). The machine does not give out change.

If you do not wish to become a club member to take advantage of the member tag system, please ensure you bring enough gold coins to activate the barrier arm to launch and retrieve using the concrete ramp. This does not restrict public pedestrian access to the jetty. BE AWARE SECURITY CAMERAS ARE IN OPERATION AT ALL TIMES.

The HBGSFC would like to thank all users for their support, the barrier arm will be used to help maintain the boat ramp, access, jetty and erosion protection.

See below barrier arm terms and conditions and FAQs.

Have a great fishing season!

Barrier Arm Ts&Cs

Barrier Arm FAQs

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