Feb 05

Marion Andrew Memorial Ladies Fishing Day

On Saturday we had a great day out for the annual Ladies Fishing competition. This year was extra special as is was in memory of Marion Andrew, a devoted club member and friend.

Thank you to all the lovely ladies, skippers and crew that took part and supported the club, and a special thanks to Ariana Liang who provided the prizes from Essentially Flowers.

The results were:

Snapper: 1st Kaneihana Kaaka 7.04 kg
2nd Deb McFarlane 5.54 kg
Trevally: 1st Jo Charteris 3.30 kg
2nd Kaneihana Kaaka 2.30 kg
Kahawai: 1st Monique Green 2.56 kg $150
2nd Shanelle Te Hira 2.48 kg
Heaviest other Gamefish weighed including tuna
1st Shanelle Te Hira y/f tuna 19.46 kg
2nd Sharon Patrick y/f tuna 18.68 kg
Average weight prize 2.73 kg
Monique Green closest with a 2.56 kg snapper
Best catch by a junior Shanelle Te Hira
Best Poem about the skipper ‘Off the Hook’ about Kane Attwood
Best Dressed Deb McFarlane ‘Green Lipped Mussel’
No Kingfish Caught – lucky draw
No billfish caught – lucky draw
No T&R billfish – lucky draw

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