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At sportfisher.nz, you can find articles on where to fish and who provides the best charter to use for your fishing preference. 


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If you want the best experience, then New Zealand it is!! New Zealand offers one of the best fishing experiences because of the numerous seas and rivers we have. We are here to provide you with relevant information regarding what place to go, what to buy, stories, tip and tricks and what to do when you get there. All with the aim of giving you the best fishing experience ever.

Many fishing charters can give you a great experience in New Zealand. Each fishing charter have different species they target so its a good idea to know what you are after before you head our on the water.

The most popular fishes targeted include Snapper, Trevally, John Dory, Kahawai, Kingfish, and occasionally even sharks.

You can

fish in a variety of wateres...

Freshwater and saltwater environments, so it’s a win-win situation. It’s okay if you’re coming to New Zealand for the first time and aren’t sure where to begin, don’t worry our blogs should have all the information you will need.

New Zealand

Has saltwater and freshwater fishing opportunities for all types of anglers.

There’s no place on Earth where you can catch more Striped Marlin than the North Island in New Zealand. The blue marlin is a popular spot, as well as snapper, yellowfin tuna, hapuka, yellowtail amberjack, and trevally.

As good as the action is on the freshwater front it is the same on the saltwater front. There are plenty of big Rainbow and Brown Trout in the unspoiled streams and mountain rivers of the South Island. And did we mention that Chinook Salmon (Quinnat) will also be available? The South Island’s east coast is swarming with Quinnat in spring and summer.

You're best off turning to a

 New Zealand charter for guidance when you have such a large amount of biodiversity and land to consider. And we have a list of charters on our site for your viewing pleasure.  You can't overstate the importance of a trustworthy skipper, whether you're fishing in the wilderness or planning a multi-day Marlin hunt.

The bay offers everything from half-day excursions to week-long fly-fishing excursions, so choose what works for you. It is possible to charter a boat from Taupo, Auckland, or Tairua. Even if you're going out with a charter, you must have a valid fishing license before you begin fishing. There are several types of licenses, so find the one that works best for you and take it to the water.