Please note: if you have no club affiliation or membership weigh station fees are $10   become a member today!

Our Weigh Station is open from 5pm-7pm daily or by arrangement, please respect the volunteer status of our weigh-masters, we value them highly so remember what you need. You should have your forms filled out and ready, your fish should be fresh and clean,  Call  Far North Radio channel 60 on the east coast, 61 north cape to the 3 Kings or 02 on the west coast to advise that you want a fish weighed to ensure that our weigh-masters have plenty of notice and someone is available for you or a time can be arranged.

If you are looking for a New Zealand  record please refer to our NZSFC page for rules and requirements.

If you are seeking a world record please refer to our IFGA page for rules and requirements.

Houhora Weigh-masters:

Rupert Gates 09 409 8181 / 021 039 0915

Wayne Black 09 409 7811/ 027 651 3320

Wayne Carey 09 409 8747 / 021314301


Frank Goodhue 09 409 7747  Frank is also our local smoker, give him a call to organize pick up or drop off,  if you want your weighed fish smoked he is a good call for the weigh.


Ginty Morrogh 09 409 4675 VHF ‘Wildcat1’